About Me


Jorge Jimenez

Software Developer

Software developer with more than 10 years industry experience in the internet, financial, health, banking sectors. Versatile developer with a solid technical background, having taken on a variety of roles as architect, project manager, team leader, programmer, analyst, etc.

I love to chew on an idea, brainstorm a product and code it to reality, as an architect and developer. My business interests led me to create my own startup, wiseri, where I learned everything about creating a business and product development from scratch.

As an advocate of agile development, I am also a proud founding member of Agilecyl, the local Spanish Agile community Agile-Spain Castilla & Leon and cofounder of Cylicon Valley local developers group.


Wide experience as a developer of backend technologies within the JVM, such as Groovy, J2EE and Spring framework.

Capacity to improve the quality of projects through extreme programming techniques such as TDD, code refactoring, code reviews and pair programming.

Knowledge in different technologies like Ruby, Javascript, HTML5 ... overall easy to work with different programming languages and technology stacks, the challenges have never been a professional problem.

Interest in machine learning, artificial intelligence, functional programming.

Experience in the development of workshops and talks to improve technological skills in teams, development process improvement. I enjoy performing Katas and be envolving in code retreats and Coding Dojos.

My Services

Software development

I can develop your product or work as a contractor joining to your team for as long as necessary.

Improve team skills

I can accompany your team to improve their technical skills, working practices of extreme programming to help develop and improve teams. Concepts like SOLID, TDD, pair programming, continuous integration, definition of user stories and acceptance tests will be part of your everyday life.


Technical training workshops. I can help with the definition of MVP in startups.


I enjoy speaking at user groups, and meetups around modern technologies. Topics are as diverse as software refactoring, good agile practices, extreme programming or technologies like Groovy, Grails, MongoDB, AngularJS or NodeJS among others.


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